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Cambridge Centre for Frontotemporal Dementia and Related Disorders

Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Studying at Cambridge



  1. Director & PI
  2. Principal Investigators
  3. Affiliated Principal Investigators
  4. Post-doctoral Fellows
  5. Clinical Research Fellows
  6. Graduate Students
  7. Affiliated Researchers at other sites
  8. Research Assistants
  9. Research Nurses
  10. Support Staff

Director & PI

Professor James B. Rowe
  • Director
  • Principal Investigator
  • E-mail: james.rowe[at]

Principal Investigators

Dr Thomas E. Cope
  • Clinical Lecturer in Neurology
  • E-mail: tec31[at]
Professor Matthew Lambon-Ralph
  • Unit Director
  • MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Dr Luca Passamonti
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate
  • Consultant Neurologist
  • E-mail: lp337[at]
01223 330293
Professor Karalyn Patterson
  • Principal Investigator
  • E-mail: Karalyn.Patterson[at]
Dr Timothy Rittman
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate
  • Consultant Neurologist
  • E-mail: tr332[at]

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr Natalie Adams
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: nea26[at]
Dr Laura Hughes
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: Laura.Hughes[at]
P. Simon Jones
  • Research Fellow
  • E-mail: spj24[at]
Dr Sanne S. Kaalund
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: ssk42[at]
Dr Ece Kocagoncu
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: ek390[at]
01223 273636
Dr Alistair Perry, Dr
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: ap2193[at]
Dr Katie Peterson
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • kap45[at]
Dr Rong Ye
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • E-mail: ry271[at]

Clinical Research Fellows

Dr Negin Holland
  • Clinical Research Fellow (Cambridge Centre for Parkinson’s Plus)
  • Specialist Registrar in Neurology
  • E-mail: nda26[at]
Dr Duncan Street
  • Clinical Research Fellow (Cambridge Centre for Parkinson’s Plus)
  • Specialist Registrar in Clinical Neurology
  • Email: ds880[at]

Graduate Students

Juliette Lanskey
  • Graduate Student
  • E-mail: Juliette.Lanskey[at]
Maura Malpetti
  • Graduate Student
  • E-mail: mm2243[at]
Alicia Wilcox
  • Graduate Student
  • E-mail: aw644[at]

Affiliated Researchers at other sites

Frank Hezemans
  • Graduate Student
  • at the MRC CBSU
  • E-mail: Frank.Hezemans[at]
01223 273 783
Matthew Rouse
  • Graduate Student at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
  • E-mail: matthew.rouse[at]
  • 01223 766 166
Dr Alessandro Tomassini
  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • at the MRC-CBSU
  • E-mail: Alessandro.Tomassini[at]
Dr Kamen Tsvetanov
  • Guarantors of Brain Fellow
  • at the Department of Psychology
  • E-mail: kamen[at]

Research Assistants

Melek Karadag-Assem
  • Research Assistant
  • E-mail: mk923[at]
Michelle Naessens
  • Research Assistant
  • Email: mln37[at]

Research Nurses

Sarah Ayerst
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: sa719[at]
Lucy Bowns
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: lb648[at]
Victoria Dobson
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: vid20[at]
Win Li
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: swl39[at]
Carolyn Timberlake
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: cmc38[at]
Julie Wiggins
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: jkw41[at]
Jacqueline Young
  • Research Nurse
  • E-mail: jacqueline.young4[at]

Support Staff

Merete Bergmann
  • Personal Assistant
  • E-mail: mb970[at]
01223 760696
Joseph Fryer
  • Data management
  • Database architect
Dr Beatrix Kiddle
  • Scientific Project Manager
  • E-mail: bmt33[at]
  • Landline: 01223 336 950

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